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Invigorate Workout Hydration Sports Drink TM



Push Your Workout Further

Champion InvigorateTM gives you the nutrition you need to push your body to the next level. Power through every workout with a nourishing mix of natural and effective ingredients second to none.

  • Help sustain energy naturally with a ginseng blend that regulated your body’s energy level as you workout.
  • Support performance with healthy hydration-boosting Sustamine and replenishing electrolytes.
  • Promote recovery with amino acids and powerful antioxidants from berries, vegetables, and herbs.
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Advantage Price: $35.99

Price: $39.99


Invigorate is excellent before, during and after exercise - and will work synergistically with any of Champion NaturalsTM daily protein shake blends: EnduranceTM, StrengthTM, SportTM and FitTM.*

Supplement Facts


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Just pour into your water bottle, shake and go!

Serving Size: 1 Packet (3.6 g)

  Amount Per Serving % DV
Calories 10  
Sodium 10 mg 1%
Potassium 35 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 2 g 1%†
Vitamin C (as Sodium Ascorbate) 60 mg 100%
Calcium (as Citrate and Phosphate Tribasic) 75 mg 8%
Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate) 125 mg 30%
Vitaberry Blend
Grape and Grape Seed Extract, Wild Blueberry Concentrate, Raspberry and Raspberry Seed Concentrate, Cranberry, Prune, Tart Cherry, Wild Bilberry Concentrate
300 mg **
Acerola Cherry Extract 50 mg **
Sustamine® (L-Glutamine, L-Alanine) 250 mg **
Ornithine (as ornithine Alphaketogluterate) 175 mg **
Taurine 50 mg **
Eleuthero Extract (root) 50 mg **
Ashwagandha Extract (root) 50 mg **
L-Arganine 25 mg **
American Ginseng Extract (root) 25 mg **
Korean Ginseng Extract (root) 25 mg **
Stevia Extract (leaf) 80 mg **
† Percent Daily Value based on 2,000 calorie diet
** Daily Value (DV) not established

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Potassium Aspartate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors.

Just pour into your water bottle, shake and go. Contents may take a minute to fully dissolve.

For post-workout support, try Champion Renew™! Formulated to support recovery and repair.

ALLERGY WARNING: Produced in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, wheat and crustacean shellfish derivatives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do your products work together?
A: Our healthy system of sports nutrition products was designed to help you reach your athletic goals through a mind and body approach that supports your training from preparation to recovery and beyond. At the core is a daily protein blend targeted to your ambition that you can drink in water or a shake 30 minutes before and after you work out to build and nourish your muscles*. To get the maximum benefit we recommend that you drink your daily protein blend even on your days off from working out.

We also support your mind, because reaching your athletic ambition is about more than just the body, it’s all in your head. Brain boosting Champion Focus is designed to improve your athletic performance by strengthening the connection between your body and mind. Take it once a day to increase your mental energy, alertness, and focus.*

In addition, we support your workouts, races, and competitions with powerful and healthy boosters. Take Champion Energize about 30 minutes before you’re ready to start and you’ll feel ready to go with natural energizers and no hard caffeine crash. While you’re exerting yourself, drink Champion Invigorate in your water bottle to stay hydrated and finish strong. When you’re done, Champion Renew offers antioxidants and may support a healthy inflammation response to help repair your body, so you’ll be ready to do it all over again sooner.*

As you go through weeks of training, you may hit a limit that you just can’t seem to push your body past. Champion Advance is a plateau busting system that detoxifies and reenergizes.* It prepares your body to absorb nutrients more effectively and help you take it to the next level.

Which products are right for me?
A: To find the products that can help you reach your athletic ambition, tell us if you’re looking to get fit, get stronger, go faster, or play harder. You can also explore all of our products, which including daily proteins based on ambition, powerful workout support, and mind and body boosters.

Q: How can I find out what’s in your products?
A: Ingredients, supplement facts, and supplement highlights are clearly listed on our labels and individual product pages on our website.

Q: How should I take your products?
A: You’ll find simple directions for each product on the label and individual product pages of our website.

Q: Do your products taste good?
A: Sports nutrition products should never taste bad! We taste-test all of our products to make sure they taste great in every flavor we offer.

Q: Do you offer products that are allergen free?
A: Yes. You’ll find this information clearly marked on all of our product labels. Visit individual product pages for more information.

Q: Do you offer products that are dairy free?
A: Yes. You’ll find this information clearly marked on all of our product labels. Visit individual product pages for more information.

Q: Are your products gluten free?
A: Yes, all our products are gluten free.

Q: Are your products vegan or vegetarian friendly? A: Our products are a blend of proteins that are either vegan or vegetarian friendly to optimize health. Visit individual product pages for more information and ingredients.

Quality and Safety

Q: Are your products safe and healthy?
A: Our team of medical, science, nutrition, and fitness experts is committed to providing you with healthy and safe products backed by the latest research.

Q: Do they contain artificial flavors or fillers?
A: No, you’ll never find artificial flavors or fillers in our products.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your products?
A: We have a nearly 30-year history of creating and distributing safe and healthy products. Our in-house 135,000 square foot GMP-certified manufacturing facility in Sunrise, FL allows us to ensure quality at the highest level. We also take the time and effort to make sure any outside resources meet or exceed our high standards.

Reviews (2)

2 Reviews (read all)
- Overall Rating:
August 19, 2013
Name: Tristan
"Pumped with a good tasting drink"
Taken before and during my regular work-out I felt pumped, I definitely recovered faster compared to usually, and the taste is really good. Knowing this product is 100% natural I was really impressed by such an effect!
- Tristan
June 20, 2013
Name: Erica
"Love it!"
This is the best tasting workout drink i have ever tasted!!!
- Erica

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